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Service Packages

Does your bike need a bit of love? We offer a range of service packages so you get the best bang for your buck, and your bike gets the complete pampering experience!

The Little Fix
$100plus parts

Suited to new or well maintained bikes that just need a quick tweak to get back to perfection.

  • Full safety check & wipe down
  • Tyres inspected and inflated
  • Gears adjusted
  • Brakes adjusted
  • Chain cleaned and oiled
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The Big Fix
$200plus parts

The most popular service, ideal for bikes that are used frequently (or have been sitting in the shed and need a bit of love!)

  • The Little Fix, plus:
  • Full bike wash
  • Full drivetrain clean
  • Full cable service
  • Wheels trued and balanced
  • All bearings adjusted
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The Major Fix
$350plus parts

A full refresh of your bike, perfect for restoring your favourite ride back to pristine condition.

  • The Big Fix, plus:
  • Stripped back to frame and detailed
  • Frame and hub bearings serviced
  • All new cables, and/or:
  • Brake bleeds, and/or:
  • Software updates
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Mini Rocket Service
$75plus parts

Keep the little cyclist in your life safe and happy - for kid's bikes.

  • Full safety check
  • Tyres inspected and inflated
  • Brakes and gears adjusted
  • Chain cleaned and oiled
  • All bearings adjusted
  • Bike wash
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The Single Fix
$150plus parts

A Big Fix for your trusty singlespeed.

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