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Bullitt Classic Frame Kit — Aluminium / Raw
Bullitt Classic Frame Kit — Aluminium / Raw

Bullitt Classic Frame Kit — Aluminium / Raw

  • Please contact us to confirm availability!

    This product is a special order, and may or may not be in stock at Dutch Cargo Bike.

Item specifics

You've heard of it, you've seen it, you want it — the Bullitt from Larry vs Harry is an absolute icon on inner city streets, ready to haul just about any load and ride smooth as silk while doing so.

We are an authorised dealer of Dutch Cargo Bike, the sole distributor of Larry vs Harry in Australia. We can special order a frameset, kit it out, build it up, and hand over the cargo bike of your dreams.

Able to be built with an electric motor, or just plain old acoustic. Can spec with conventional derailleur gears, a slick internally geared hub, or even as a singlespeed if you're mad.

Come past The Rocket Surgeon for a test ride today — our shop delivery bike is a Bullitt, and you're welcome to take it for a spin!

Larry vs Harry
Bullitt Classic
Aluminium / Raw
Colour and graphics change slightly between year models, please contact to confirm exactly which colour we can get.